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Go outside and do something you will remember. Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you. If you are always trying to be normal, you'll never know how amazing you can be.

What is volunteering?

It is help and support we give to the others while personally non-financially benefiting from it. We need to invest our time. It is very important for personal growing, ability to see the world with different glasses, developing diverse skills and shaping life values and attitudes through learning by doing. Volunteering is not slavery and it is neither holidays.

What type of work volunteer does?

There is no limit for the work, anyway it must be safe for the volunteer. The volunteer can adapt and try to do something new or can be instructed and trained if the work demands special skills or knowledge. We can find some diverse areas: volunteering for organizations and public bodies (e.g. schools, municipalities), volunteering at families and farms, job shadowing connected with volunteering.

For how long time?

You can be short-term or long-term volunteer and work from few days until one year. You can be local partly long-term volunteer and work during one or two days in a week for few months.

What is our concept of volunteering?

We are mindful of keeping balance between benefit for the community and benefit for the volunteer. In other words, we divide time into work, social learning part and rest. The social learning part is organized programme by the host, locals or leader of the group of volunteers. It gives space to volunteers to learn and experience something different than at work. It can be excursion, trip, game or any kind of social event. It has to be ensured the volunteer learns something meaningful.

What conditions do we have?

The foreign volunteer should be provided with free accommodation and food and shouldn't work more than 6 hours per day. At least one day a week is free. There can be exceptions, but should be clearly explained with given reason.

Who can offer any position here?

We welcome whoever to offer any volunteering position. It is inserted in a form that appears after going through button Offer on top right corner. Our team checks it and, if safety or quality criteria are not sufficient, will contact the advertiser. When everything is OK, it will appear between our offers. We mark advertisements that are offered by our partners we personally know or recommended by previous volunteers as verified.

What are financial conditions?

Volunteer can give us contribution in amount (s)he considers to be good. At some volunteering positions, we financially support the travelling expenses of the volunteer.

Why to register?

We can regulary send you an email with new volunteering vacancies according to your criteria and account settings. You will have opportunity to create a profile and it will make faster to apply each time for a new proposal. Beside that you will be able to use other services that kulXtreme offers: subscribing for a local or international event, finding a partner for cultural and language exchange, expressing your ideas and asking for financial support, planning projects and campaigns, supporting and commenting on ideas of others, meeting with foreigners who participate at Erasmus+ projects or European Solidarity Corps and much more.

Would you recommend us any vacancy?

If yes, we will be happy to speak with you. Send us a message on

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