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cultural identity, traditions, occitan culture, north-catalan culture, folk songs, nature, mountains, inclusion of nature, meditation, personal development, minority languages



Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Serbia


Perpinyà, Rousillon / Catalunya Nord

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This is Erasmus+ KA1 learning mobility project for young people. It means that all the costs including cheapest trasportation will be covered to you, you will get free accommodation, meals at least 3 times a day, support from organizers and facilitators of this project. You don't pay any sending fee. However, as we intend this learning experience to have positive impact, you might be asked to show us your commitment, contribution or help in a form you will choose.

Participants after the activity are obliged to write us a report until 2 weeks and organize a workshop together with its topic until two months for dissemination and multiplication.

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Zpíváš, hraješ na hudební nástroj, nebo preferuješ čistou horskou přírodu a meditaci v ní? Nebo tě láká objevit historii a zanikající kulturu? Neváhej se přihlásit.

The place of this Erasmus+ youth exchange is taking part in area where the Occitan and Catalan culture were influencing each other for several centuries. The capital Perpignan was seat of the king of Mallorca. Few kilometers far away to the east, big important historical country was taking place, the Occitania that occupied Southern half of the then France and is a place where famous Troubadour songs originates.

This region is place of many beautiful mountain villages. Many of them have traditions that you can experience only at that exact small place and also most of them don't have any young people who would continue running them. They usually move to cities and many of these villages inhabited old people with their cultural heritage are going to be dissapeared.

Young people will learn local traditions and songs with the most famous singer and musician of the region. They will experience the beauties of The Pyrenees Mountains that they will be crossing until the point of the last day. Then they will go to the recording studio and these youngsters from diverse countries will record common musical album.