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media, environmental problems, citizen journalism, press conference, digital media, communication strategy, ecology, biodiversity



activity from Oct 06 2018 to Oct 12 2018


Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey


Island Imbros, Turkey

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Emma, Liberec
visual & textile artist, ecologist

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Participants after the activity are obliged to write us a report until 2 weeks and organize a workshop together with its topic until two months for dissemination and multiplication.

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Chceš vědět a zažít, jak efektivně využívat média, jak s nimi pracovat a jak fungují? Staň se šiřitelem reformujících, ekologických a environmentálních myšlenek. A nebo zlepši propagaci svých projektů. Nauč se, jak ti média zefektivní vedení vlastní kampaně. Ještě nevíš, jak správně komunikovat s novináři a médii, jakou formou je informovat o událostech, co pořádáš? A nebo jak uspořádat tiskovou konferenci a na co důležitého nezapomenout? Staň se členem týmu, co si tím projde naživo a bude se vzdělávat na ostrově a před tím v Česku.

Tento projekt má tříměsíční přípravnou fázi v Česku, během které si budeš moci vyzkoušet spoustu praktických věcí naživo a nejvíc se naučit. Pokud se chceš zapojit pouze do této části, stiskni tlačítko FOLLOW a všechny důležité informace se zadáním úkolů budeš dostávat na email.

For youth leaders, youth workers and volunteers from environmental organizations to support them in increasing their impact by means of training and workshop communication skills with media. The Project addresses the needs of the young environmental organizations to improve their competences in communication with public and media in order to increase the youth awareness about environmental problems.

The idea of the course is based on the fact that one of the biggest environmental problems of our society is the general inability to solve problems effectively. People has information mainly from media, however the most information in the media is simplified and misinterpreted. As the result, public discussion regarding environmental topics are really confusing.

Thus, environmental organizations has to put more effort and emphasis on promotion and communication of environmental issues. It is necessary to enable to understand the issue correctly. Moreover, badly prepared campaigns could have negative impact on the general public. It is important to plan the promotion carefully and to be aware how people perceive our information.

From this point of view, our project will consist of these workshops:
- Citizen journalism
- Campaign planning
- Preparing press release, press conference
- New media tools (internet, social networks, blogs)
- Green news from local people
- Difficulties in environmental communication
- Fundamental journalistic skills
- Designing communication strategy

Participate if you want to:
• Spread green voice of youth in media
• Learn about new online methods in promoting green topics
• Learn more about sustainable green living concept
• Develop messages for targeting desired audience
• Find out how to develop your green idea
• Empower youth and yourself in green entrepreneurship
• Meet other passionate young environmentalists or youth workers to exchange ideas and experiences and build partnerships

Imbros or İmroz, officially changed to Gökçeada since 29 July 1970, (older name in Turkish: İmroz; Greek: Ίμβρος Imvros), is the largest island of Turkey and the seat of Gökçeada District of Çanakkale Province. It is located in the Aegean Sea, at the entrance of Saros Bay and is also the westernmost point of Turkey (Cape İncirburnu).