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Berbeři a otázky kulturní identity

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Labyrint Theatre

- to introduce concept of theatre based on context and without real actors - to give space for awareness and expression of feelings, imagination and emotions - to discover own body and its senses - to become more empathic towards others

Journalist Work

The main purpose of this activity is for the participants to understand the country where the project is taking place better, to learn about its cultural differences and to get to know local habits and traditions. Participants will gain new knowledge and authentic experience, opinions and views by talking to the locals, they might even get new friends and I personally believe that this kind of face-to-face discussion is a very effective learning tool.

Smile at Globalization

I chose Journalism in field, which means doing interview with locals. As a student of journalism I feel this is the thing I can do the best but I can also see some obsticles doing it. And I mean language. Sure, English is a world language but not everyone can use it and for that I invented this simple game. Thank to it, locals can tell us what they think about globalization.

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It is present around us and in us. It gives us the shape.